Youth icon Diwakar Aryal: motivation to Nepali Youth

Kathmandu, May 23: In the world every matter gets born twice, first in imagination in Mind and second in reality.  By visualizing the dream in mind a small boy, Diwakar Aryal, entered into Kathmandu Valley from Dhading District. 

He has become Icon of Nepali youth and, central as well as focal point of the national as well as international personality today.  He is actively involved with youth empowerment campaign and movement with fascinating vision and clear mission.  He has extraordinary capacity and power that can easily attract the attention of people where someone has to think for a matter of time to do something new. He has faith on his dream to get better output and result. He is taken as a dreamer, creator of a hope and motivator of the society. Society need a collaborative leadership to negotiate all sorts of groups, people, area and interest which in this regard is Diwakar Aryal. He can of course caliber the result in best way for connecting national as well as international community for the vision of peace, progress and prosperity.

In the very early age, he started leading Youth Parliament Nepal (YPN) and created powerful pressure group to announce model constituent in Nepal. That positive pressure was highly appreciated by civil society, national as well as international organization and later accepted by national political party in 2012 AD. After that he has made the positive group for making right pressure in national political issues with more than 500 active youth which is still active till date. Diwarkar Aryal is student of political science and international relation. He has completed master degree in Political science with outstanding result.  He has lead the first public petition regarding constitution and its national issues and later the vote of public was announced.

Mr. Aryal has been leading Youth Parliament Nepal as President and also known as founder of this organization since a decade. He is also working as national trainer, political & social leader for the betterment and progress of the nation. He also worked for developing personality and best policy making strategy for nation.

Diwar Aryal Leader of Nepal

Diwar Aryal Leader of Nepal

Moreover, in the history of Nepal, Mr. Diwakar Aryal and his team of Youth Parliament Nepal had successfully organized first SAARC Youth Regional Conference -2017 in Kathmandu which every people and personality took as one of the best milestone for Nepal and South Asia to build peace and progress in SAARC nations. Success of the program helps to make the strong background creating better establishment to continue SAARC Level youth conference in the days to come as well.

Mr. Diwakar Aryal’s main dream is to make country one of the prosperous nation in the world with peace and development. Now he is focusing on global unity and solidarity to get the attention of world as a result, the real dream to develop Nepal can be successful as soon as possible.

This is another dream mission of Youth Parliament Nepal and the leadership of Aryal to connect Nepal in the world with prestige and dignity to attract the investment as well as visit the global citizen in Nepal.

His another entrepreneurship  is in Information and Technology too. He is director of IT company in Nepal, Web Bank Nepal, where he has dream to make Nepal smart in IT industry. When leader make system in his own company then only he or she can make system in Nation, this is his faith on business.

His next expertise is in tourism and journalism, since half decade he is regulating very popular tourism news portal which is considered as News portal which helps to promote Nepali tourism and features of Nepal at large.

The youth who doesn’t see the opportunity in Nepal and compel abroad in the name of poor country, Mr. Diwakar Aryal can be the role model to learn and inspire to do something new and creative work in Nepal as a result our pride, destiny and destination will be more vivid and strong.

We are seeking for best alternate to collaborate, negotiate and coordinate the nation as well as world for making Nepal one of the best and richest countries in the world. The very person will be one among Nepali citizen not from any other countries.

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